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Software Engineer.

About Me.


Since graduating from UNSW in 2018, I’ve been serving in the Royal Australian Air Force as an Electronics Engineer. After work experience rotations in 2019 working in different units around RAAF Base Edinburgh, I took on a position at 462SQN involved with Cyber Incident Response training. Through my time there, I gained significant knowledge and experience with the RAAF Cyberspace Incident Analyst (CIA) initial training course, the process to certification and accreditation of Air Force Systems and the Cyber Incident Response capability.

As my main role was in the Training and Standards Section at 462SQN, my goal was to develop and improve the initial CIA training that I completed in 2019. I managed a small team of personnel and engaged a number of key external stakeholders to tailored and successful development and execution of CIA course sessions.

Despite time and resource constraints, over 50 Cyber Warfare personnel successfully graduated as a result of the team’s hard work and dedication. 

Over the new few years, I am keen to continue to improve both my management skills and technical skills. Through undertaking personal projects in my own time, I have been continually improving my programming and digital forensics skills. Similarly, through my current position at the Surveillance and Response Systems Program Office (SRSPO), I am motivated to improve my personnel and project management skills within the Sustainment Management Unit for the MQ-4C Triton AV. 


I enjoy gardening on weekends, interior design (specifically mid-century modern design), working on my BMW e46 325ci coupe and rebuilding a 1972 Honda CB500 Four. You can commonly find me scouting out a new hipster cafe for soy lattes on a Saturday and getting my pasty skin burnt at the beach.  I’m also a regular at my local gym, where I’m currently taking my ‘bulking’ phase a bit too far.

I’m starting to dabble in film photography and seeking to join a social sports team. Definitely emphasis on ‘social’ given my ineptitude at hand-eye coordination.


University of New South Wales - Canberra.

2015 – 2018

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (Honours)

  • Graduated Australian Defence Force Academy in 2017.
  • Undertook the position of treasurer for Foxtrot Squadron
  • Participated in the ADFA Formula SAE Team, assisting with the design and fabrication of wiring looms.
Completed thesis on the user of gamification as a data collection tool for shepherding algorithm analysis.

University of New South Wales - Canberra.

2021 – Present

Master of Project Management

  • Currently studying part-time.


  • CompTIA Security+
  • ICAM Lead Investigator
  • GIAC Certified Forensic Analyst (GCFA)
  • GIAC Network Forensic Analyst (GNFA)


2017 - RAAF Work Experience.

Work experience at RAAF Base Richmond in January 2017, shadowing both Junior Officers and Senior Non-commissioned officers at:

    • Mechanical Equipment and Operations Maintenance Section (MEOMS)
    • Airlift Systems Program Office (ALSPO)
    • 37 SQN

2018 - Defence Science and Technology (DST) Work Experience.

Research Assistant

  • Conducted research and analysis in January on suitable electromagnetic simulation software for use by DST on a classified project.

2019 - Professional Development and Training.

92 Wing – Work Experience

  • Produce a maintenance optimization schedule for the P-8A Fleet Base Maintenance workforce. Received an Officer Commanding Award for its impact on critical decision-making on Through Life Support Contract requirements such as future facility resourcing and future workforce planning.

462SQN – Work Experience

  • Completed the RAAF Cyberspace Incident Analyst course, which provided me skills in Cyber incident response, threat hunting, malware triage and host and network forensics.

2020-2021 - 462SQN.

Officer-in-Charge of Training Development and Delivery

  • Delivery, development and improvement of course modules for the RAAF Cyber Incident Analyst course.
  • Management of a team of aviators for the planning and execution of Cyber Incident Analyst course sessions.
  • Personnel management of over 50 students on courses, including welfare support and failure management.
  • Undertook the role of Health and Safety Representative at 462SQN, reporting directly to the Commanding Officer.

Present - Surveillance and Response Systems Program Office (SRSPO).

MQ-4C Triton UAV Technical Maintenance Unit

Commencing in early 2022. 


Soft Skills.

Contract Management
Oral and Written Communication Skills
DevOps Methodology
Personnel Management
Account Management
Agile Methodology

Technical Skills.

Digital Forensics
Altium Designer